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Project Gallery 

High Speed 2 (HS2)

On Europe's largest infrastructure project, HS2, Atlas undertook rock core logging including RMR and Tunnelling Quality Index of predominantly Mercia Mudstone Group lithologies as well as Sherwood Sandstone Group formations, Warwickshire Group formations and superficial glacial deposits.

Global Centre of Rail Excellence (GCRE)

Operating within one of Wales' last active coal mines, Atlas oversaw rotary coring, windowless sampling rig operations, and logged the Lower and Middle Coal Measures strata.

Northern Pipeline Project

From Jurassic clays to Cretaceous chalks, our work covered a wide range of geological units. We also conducted resistivity testing to gain valuable design insights.

Lower Thames Crossing (LTC)

Atlas provided crucial site supervision for LTC, the world's third widest bored tunnel. Our role ensured the safe and efficient execution of field operations.

A day of window sampling in Gower

Amidst Gower's picturesque yet demanding terrain, our window sampler effortlessly handled tight and vegetated site conditions during this site investigation.

Window Sampling in London

In London, space is often at a premium. However, our expertise shines in window sampling, even in the tightest, trickiest locations.

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