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Site Investigation

Atlas Geotechnics can be hired to supervise your construction projects, no matter the size.


Our site supervision services in the ground investigation sector place a strong emphasis on health and safety. Our experienced and knowledgeable supervisors are all SSSTS qualified and are dedicated to ensuring that all drilling and excavation projects are carried out in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations and standards.

Construction Site

Window Sampling

Get to the heart of your construction project with our reliable and efficient window sampling services.


Our experienced drillers specialise in ground investigations to provide you with accurate and thorough information about the subsurface conditions of your site. Whether you need soil samples for geotechnical analysis or monitoring well installations, we have the equipment and expertise to handle all your drilling needs.


Soil and rock Logging

At Atlas Geotechnics, logging rock core is a service that we specialize in and take pride in. Our expertise has been demonstrated on numerous large-scale construction projects in the UK, including the Lower Thames Crossing and HS2.


Our soil and rock logging services are an essential component of ground investigation projects, providing valuable information about soil and rock formations.

Our highly experienced logging engineers use the most up to date techniques within the British Standards to log soil and rock samples from drilling and excavation sites, and provide detailed and accurate logs. 

From the Mercia Mudstone formation in the north to the chalk formations of the south, Atlas Geotechnics is here to provide you with highest quality geological logs.

Ground Gas / Groundwater Monitoring

Our ground gas and water monitoring services are designed to help clients assess and manage the potential risks associated with subsurface gas and water conditions.


Our team of experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to monitor gas and water levels during and long after drilling and excavation projects, to provide accurate and reliable data on the potential risks posed by these conditions.


Our ground gas and water monitoring services can support a wide range of ground investigation and engineering projects, and help clients make informed decisions about the management of subsurface conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our ground gas and water monitoring services and how we can help ensure the safety and success of your next project.

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Soakaway Testing

Soakaways are a form of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) which are used to collect surface runoff to discharge into surrounding soils. The use of SUDS are encouraged for all constructions works and soakaways are ideal in areas where the surface run-off cannot be disposed into existing streams or ditches.

In order to determine whether ground conditions are suitable for a soakaway, a soakaway test can be conducted. The test involves filling an excavated trial pit with water and recording the water level over-time at specific intervals to establish a drainage rate through a given rock or soil type. The test is repeated three times in accordance with BRE 365 Soak away Design.

A thorough phase I desk study would establish whether a soakaway would be viable in a given area.

Atlas can carry out soakaway tests in accordance with BRE Digest 365 with the process generally requiring an excavator and water tanker to acquire the required information, from which a soakaway design calculation can be derived.

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Atlas provides soil testing services, offering precise analysis of soil physical and chemical properties. Gain essential insights for agriculture, construction, and environmental projects. Unlock your land's potential with Atlas.

Soil Testing

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